de-Stress 10 ml


It’s hard not to feel stressed out by the constant demands of modern life and the multiple directions we are simultaneously being pulled in. Dealing with daily stress is unbalancing and exhausting and has been identified as a precursor to many diseases including cancer and heart disease.  To help reduce the stress in your life, we’ve sourced the most potent calming and soothing essential oils from nature, that act as olfactory relaxants to rebalance your senses, reducing the physiological symptoms of stress. So now, sit back, take a breath & relax naturally.



Roll on pulse points, jawline, behind the ears and temples.

Perfect for studying, exams or whenever you are required to be your very best.


Australian Almond oil

Australian Rosalina essential oil

Rosemary essential oil

Bergamot essential oil

Rose Geranium essential oil

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