Body Oil 100 ml


Our pure natural Body Oil contains 100% cold pressed Australian Almond oil combined with a unique blend of essential oils, each one chosen for their therapeutic benefits, to create the ultimate skin elixir. Whether you are applying it yourself, or lucky enough to have someone giving you a massage, Almond oil is one of the most popular oils for body massage and moisturising because of its light texture and being one of the closest oils to the natural oils in the skin. The history of Almond oil dates back to 4000BC with science showing it is rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A and E. Free delivery.

Black on Body oil is as beautiful as it is good for you.



Apply liberally at least twice a day, ideally while your skin is warm, after a shower or bath. If you love a bath, we highly recommend adding a couple of pumps to your bath.



Body oils are not all equal. Many are not completely plant based and free of petroleum based products, and are not pure natural body oils. Some body oils contain “fragrance” or not made using cold pressed plant based oils. The term “fragrance” often “hides” chemicals like alcohol, and petrochemicals from the consumer. Before purchasing body oil, examine the list of ingredients. Pure natural body oils are made from cold pressed plant based oils and only contain essential oils. Black on Body body oil is made from cold pressed Australian Almond oil and essential oils.


Moisturizing skin is an important daily routine. New to the body oil experience? Pure natural body oils like Black on Body body oil, have unique benefits;




Body oils provide a protective seal over the surface of the skin preventing loss of water.


Pure natural body oils lock in moisture, providing occlusive benefits, meaning it forms a protective seal over the surface of the skin preventing loss of hydration, while also delivering emollient and soothing properties to the skin.


Applying a pure natural body oil ensures your skin cells are nourished, moisturized, and retain their fullness. This prevents wrinkles, and signs of age-related skin decline such as sunspots and dryness.

Body oils lock in moisture, helping with conditions such as eczema. Almond oil is one of several plant oils currently being studied for its potential to soothe eczema skin.


Rich in vitamins


Almond oil is rich in vitamin A,E and biotin and contains antibacterial properties making it perfect for assisting in the management of skin infections. Many body soaps and washes remove your bodies natural body oils, by applying a pure natural body oil after your shower or bath your skin is sealed and can effectively repel any bacterial infections. Our body wash is free of harsh chemicals, made from pure castile soap, and 20 % macadamia oil. This product applies the oil to your body while you shower.Black on Body body wash containing 20 % macadamia oil.


The vitamin E content of this oil can help heal sun damage and help with signs of aging and fade scars.


Stretch mark prevention


Help prevent stretch marks often associated with pregnancy.




Black on Body body oil is a great facial/makeup cleanser without clogging the pores.


Our body oil can be purchased in 3 sizes, 50 mls, 100 mls and 250 mls. Refills are available.


Cold pressed Australian Almond oil

Australian Orange essential oil

Patchouli essential oil

Rose essential Geranium oil

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