Hand Wash – 250mls


Gentle yet invigorating, our Natural Castile Hand Wash blends Aloe Vera, Australian Lemon Myrtle, Orange, Rosalina, Grapefruit, and Patchouli oils for a refreshing cleanse. Elevate your hand-care routine with this natural delight. Refills available for $17.50.

Nothing else.

This is old school made modern. Presented in a glass bottle.


Experience Pure Cleansing Bliss with Our Castile Liquid Hand Wash: Nature’s Harmony in Every Drop

Immerse yourself in the essence of clean simplicity with our Castile Liquid Hand Wash, meticulously crafted from the goodness of organic olive and coconut oils. Enjoy a natural blend featuring the soothing touch of Aloe Vera, the invigorating scents of Australian Lemon Myrtle and Orange, the calming notes of Rosalina, and the refreshing aroma of Grapefruit, all balanced by the earthy richness of Patchouli essential oil.

Nourishing Natural Ingredients:

Our hand wash goes beyond basic cleansing. Pure Castile soap, derived from organic olive and coconut oils, provides a gentle yet effective cleanse. Aloe Vera, known for its moisturizing properties, ensures that your hands not only feel clean but also refreshed and hydrated.

Australian Botanical Harmony:

Immerse yourself in the botanical goodness of Australia. Australian Lemon Myrtle and Orange essential oils bring a burst of citrus freshness, while Rosalina offers a subtle, grounding floral touch. Grapefruit essential oil adds a zesty kick, and Patchouli introduces an earthy note, creating a well-balanced blend that captures the essence of the Australian landscape.

Aromatic Pleasure in Every Pump:

Transform your daily hand-washing routine into an aromatic delight. The carefully chosen essential oils not only cleanse but also provide an aromatic experience, making each wash a moment of sensory pleasure and self-care.

Sustainably Crafted, Naturally Pure:

Committed to sustainability, our hand wash is crafted with care for both you and the environment. It’s free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and artificial additives, ensuring a pure and natural hand-care experience.

Experience the essence of nature in every drop of our Pure Castile Hand Wash—a testament to the power of natural simplicity.


Aloe Vera
Castile liquid wash made from organic olive and coconut oil
Lemon Myrtle essential oil
Orange essential oil
Rosalina essential oil
Grapefruit essential oil
Patchouli essential oil


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