Black on Body – Sanitize 10ml


The world we live in is ever increasingly filled with bacteria. Everything we touch is passing bacteria from one person to another. While we all know that bacteria increases the chance of us getting sick, you may not know that most anti-bacterial products cause further issues, including resistant strains of bacteria. We therefore developed our Sanitize with a blend of nature’s finest anti-bacterial essential oils, with the knowledge that these are potentially our future’s defence against resistant strains of bacteria. You can use our sanitize anywhere it’s needed, including your hands. And as a bonus, you will be nourishing your skin at the same time.

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Aloe Vera 100% organic

Australian Lemon Myrtle essential oil

Rosemary essential oil

Patchouli essential oil

Organic Castile Soap, palm oil free, (use as an emulsifier)

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