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Black on Body is my passion, born from need. 

My youngest daughter has suffered with eczema and psoriasis from a young age, and the doctors only recommendation was cortisone treatments. I have worked in science for over 27 years and embraced new medicine,  however I also have respect for alternate therapies. 

I created Black on Body to apply the science of ancient remedies to solve modern problems in a natural way.

Equally important is our precious earth. So finding the right packaging has been important. We use glass and metal packaging and offer refills for most of our range.

There has been movement towards non fragrant  skin products, so we have introduced essential oil free options in some of our range.  We call these products “naked”. 

Our story is not finished…

Marie Everest – Creator

Black on Body
all oils land

Our Body, Face, Hair and Beard oils contain 100% pure oil blends combined with unique blends of essential oils, each chosen for their therapeutic benefits, to create the ultimate hair, face and body elixirs. No alcohol added. Our hydrading face oil is available in naked.

Black on Body
Therapeutic Roll-ons

Sleep, Stimulate and de-Stress.

Our therapeutic roll-on oil range is designed to combat the most common issues our customers experience. Utilising the power of unique Australian Essential oil blends, we have developed remedial products that will help de-stress, sleep and stimulate your senses.

Black on Body
Bath Bombs

Each of our bath cubes is packed with essential oils and Australian sea salt, blended together to ensure you leave the bath with your skin feeling moisturised, soft and lightly scented. Originally created to relieve the symptoms of eczema, but now available to be enjoyed by everyone.

Black on Body Home

essentials land

Our handwash, bodywash, mists and hand sanitizer are all blended with essential oils, to deliver a unique subtle scent to your home, leaving your rooms, linens and hands smelling incredibly fresh and clean. Our 62% alcohol sanitizer is made using Australian Aloe Vera, so it will not leave your hands feeling sticky. All beautifully presented in bespoke black glass or stainless steel bottles.

Black on Body Bespoke

We can work with you directly to create the perfect bespoke designed products for use as gifts, or for special events.

We can custom gift bags or boxes for any budget.

The Pyramid Bath Bomb was created with Sofitel on Collins for use within their hotel rooms.

Contact us for further ideas and costs.

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Black On Body