Best way to apply Body oils.

The best way to apply Body oils is onto wet skin.  As soon as you have turned the shower off, grab your favourite body oil bottle and pump.  Apply all over your wet skin. When you have finished, grab your towel and dry what little water remains.  You will be amazed at how wonderful your skin will feel.

Knowing how body oils work helps to understand why they need to be used on wet skin/hair .  There are two properties of oils that need to be considered if you are wanting the best results. First is that oils are an emollient.  This means that when they are applied to skin, they will lock in water and prevent water loss.  The second property of some oils is they are occlusive.  Occlusives are moisturizers that create a protective barrier on skin that locks in hydration and prevents water loss. Macadamia oil is an example of an oil that is both an emollient and occlusive. Our raw body oil is made using Australian Macadamia oil. OilRaw Body Oil

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Applying Hair oil

If you have hair like mine, curly and therefore prone to being dry, you will benefit from using a hair oil. By applying hair oil to your wet hair, you will be locking in water around the hair strands, and therefore helping to prevent the effects of humidity and damage from wind and sun. The best way to apply hair oil is to saturated hair.  As soon as the shower is off, before towel drying, apply hair oil to your saturated hair and squeeze the ends of your hair while applying the oil.  If you are after the perfect leave in product, try adding a couple of pumps of hair oil to a teaspoon of your favourite conditioner and mix in your hands, then apply to wet hair. Hair Oil

Baths are another great way to apply oil to your skin.  Add 3-4 pumps of oil to your bath

Best way to apply body oils is to wet skin
Body oils love wet skin
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