Self-care and Menopause

No fragrance products was my true saviour with my personal self care and menopause plan

I have no recollection of ever been warned about this inevitable phase of my life, menopause. We should have been warned. Dry skin, dry hair, shit nails, (dry everything), weight gain, no sleep, incontinence, mood swings, and migraines. With all these issues, there has to be a care plan, how else will we survive. Let’s discuss self care and menopause.

My only qualification in writing this self care and menopause post is experience.


One other thing that happened to me early, was I developed a very sensitive sense of smell. Many fragrances smell like “goats pee” to me. Strangely, it is only women’s fragrance, men aftershaves don’t have that effect. I have been known to gag. This lead me to essential oils and “naked” , no fragrance, products. My true saviour with my personal self care and menopause plan.Raw Body Oil

Weight gain

Menopause means that your metabolism has now gone to ground zero. Exercise and diet. Always has and always will be the only control we have on our weight. We are what we eat, (and drink). For many of us, the weight control is very consuming. What had worked for many years no longer works and the weight keeps coming. Remember to be kind to yourself. If you are time poor, try using the weekends to cook meals for the week, it will help you eat right for the whole week, and perhaps save you money.

Mood Swings
Migraine / Headaches

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